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Orangeries UK originated in Europe around the 16th century, when people enjoyed collections of citrus fruit. However, today they are all about unique individual living spaces and home extension.

In fact, orangery costs depend on size, style, features and other factors. It is true that an orangery is more expensive than a conservatory, but, depending on various factors, orangery costs can be quite reasonable. Its cost can start from £10,000, but, again, this is dependent on many factors.

Its price can range up to £100,000. Orangeries framed with small timber are usually the cheapest while orangeries with large timber will cost from £20,000 and up. The average cost of orangeries ranges between £20,000 and £50 0000, but, again, this is dependent on a number of factors.

The price of an orangery may vary due to the roof design and overall structure. Your requirements and materials used will also affect the price greatly.

In short, there is a wide range of design and architectural features available. The more specialized your requirements, the more accurate the price can be provided. You can also talk to several developers to get the best price.

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